Business Case for Purchasing: Project Templates

Executive Summary

ProjectTemplates® contains more than 200 project management document templates incorporating a Prince II & MSP methodologies for undertaking projects, to help reduce the time taken to produce project documentation. By purchasing ProjectTemplates® we can enhance the quality of our deliverables, reduce costs and increase the likelihood of delivering our projects successfully. The total cost of a Corporate multi-user license for x number of users is $x

It is recommended that we purchase the ProjectTemplates® from

Business Problem

Business Analysis

Our company <company name> specializes in delivering <product / service name> for our customers. As we are focused on achieving a high level of customer service, we often have improvement programs underway. Each improvement program is undertaken in the way of a ‘project’. We often undertake many projects at the same time, many of which are critical to maintaining our competitive edge in the marketplace.

Managing multiple improvement programs with multiple projects and multiple people involved in delivering them can be a high risk activity. We need a proven, best-practice method for delivering projects efficiently to ensure that we gain the requisite business benefits for our organization. We need standard project processes and templates to improve the way within which projects are undertaken, as well as a wide range of templates & guides to reduce the time taken to complete project documentation.

Problem Analysis

By not adopting a standard set of processes and templates, projects often experience:

  1. Scope creep
  2. Unexpected costs
  3. Reduced quality of deliverables
  4. Exceeded timeframes and unachieved milestones
  5. Mixed communication and higher staff turnover
  6. Unexpected issues which impact delivery
  7. Blowouts with project budgets
  8. Under-performing suppliers
  9. Unachievable delivery dates
  10. Unhappy customers.


To minimize the risk of our projects facing the same symptoms, we need a standard approach to undertaking projects. If we are able to promote a common project lifecycle within our organization with standard processes for all projects, then we can improve our project delivery efficiency and therefore increase our likelihood of success.

Standard project processes we need to implement include:

  1. Change Management
  2. Risk Management
  3. Issue Management
  4. Time Management
  5. Cost Management
  6. Quality Management
  7. Procurement Management
  8. Acceptance Management
  9. Communications Management.


To ensure that these processes are adopted within our organization, we need a suite of document templates to describe and enforce them. Document templates save us from re-inventing-the-wheel by clearly outlining how each respective Process is undertaken with Forms for completion and Registers (or Logs) for recording status information.

In summary, we need to purchase ProjectTemplates that contains a detailed set of project templates supporting each management process.

Available Options

After extensive research, we have found that:

  1. While there are a vast range of project document templates available for free on the internet, very few have been written by experienced Project Managers
  2. Very few templates have been written in a clear, professional and easy to read format
  3. Few providers offer a Project Templates sets are incorporated into a methodology, well as providing detailed document templates to support the entire project lifecycle. Most providers offer a range of miscellaneous project templates which don’t fit together to form a project lifecycle
  4. Most methodologies and templates are written to fit one type of industry, for instance Information Technology (IT). Few providers actually offer a generic methodology to suit all project sizes, types and industries.

Given the above constraints, we have identified 3 practical solution options:

  • Implement the ProjectTemplates® by purchasing their Project Management Templates.  See
  • Implement the principles set out by the world-wide Project Management Institute (PMI®) as defined within A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). See
  • Implement the principles and practices set out by Prince2®. See


Option Description Advantages and Disadvantages Cost
Adopt the ProjectTemplates® ProjectTemplates® is based on the principles defined within the PMBOK®Their project documents are suitable for all types of companies, industries and project sizesMore than 184 templates are provided, covering every aspect of the project lifecycleTheir templates are incredibly detailed with specific instructions, helpful hints, real life examples, charts and tables. See- forCorporate pricing
Adopt the PMBOK® The PMBOK® is the world-wide standard for Project ManagementIt includes a set of principles and processes for undertaking all project typesThe principles and processes are very generic and therefore only act as guidelines, rather than specific project proceduresThe methodology does not come with a detailed set off project management templates. The PMBOK® is provided to members of the PMI®. See for membership fees.NB The PMBOK®is a brief handbook and does not contain anyproject management templates
Adopt Prince2® Prince2® is the UK standard for IT Project ManagementLike the PMBOK®, it includes a generic set of principles for undertaking projectsThe standard was written specifically for IT projects and does not cater for projects of all types, sizes and industriesThe methodology comes with a small number of project templates with cater for only part of the project lifecycle. The templates are relatively generic and do not include procedural instructions for completion. See for Corporate pricingPrince2® Corporate licenses are between 500% – 700% more expensive than the ProjectTemplates®NB Prince2® contains only a small number of project templates


Recommended Approach

Recommended Option

Based on the Options available, it is recommended that Option 1: Adoptthe ProjectTemplates® is approved. ProjectTemplates® is also based on the principles defined within the PMBOK® and has a wide variety of detailed project templates covering the entire project lifecycle.


  • The following steps are recommended to implement ProjectTemplates® within our organization:
  • Identify the number of user licenses (based on the number of people requiring the templates to create customized project documentation)
  • Purchase the Project Management Templates from
  • Identify a central location for storing the Project Management Templates
  • Communicate the location of the templates to our users
  • Inspire project teams to use ProjectTemplates®


Supporting Documentation


  • The following sources were used to collate this document:
  • Free Project Management Guide available from
  • Free Business Case Template  available from
  • Research on the principles set out by and
  • Searches for other “Project Management Templates” using Google and Yahoo.


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