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Welcome to my website

I’m James Leal & Welcome to my website.

Staying ahead of the modern competitive environment requires flexibility and continual change. Old bureaucratic systems are increasingly being rejected in favour of project-based structures where people work together across disciplines, and functions creating greater adaptability.

I have published several books on Amazon, designed to help anyone, managing projects, implement change and achieve objectives.

These well designed books help execute Best Practice Project Management, serving as quality assurance for you as a Project Manager and as a vehicle for the implementing your projects in a reproducible and successful manner.

Each book come with a unique link to download the related project management document in Microsoft Word, Excel, Project and PowerPoint format, editable on both PC and MAC.

ProjectTemplates® is THE tool for key documents for delivering projects in both Government & Private sectors.

“Delivering a project isn’t difficult. What’s difficult is delivering a project without first taking the time to plan properly” James Leal


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